Monday, May 3, 2010

The Prophecy Fulfilled!

Yay!  How do I start this one without sounding like a nut? Bah, who knows... ok well it all started last October. I was at a little craft fair and there was a booth doing tarot & palm readings. I'm very interested in tarot and have my own deck, but rarely have I had my own cards read. Curious, I paid my $20 and sat down at a little card table with a soft spoken young lady.

I was a little leery, so I was careful to volunteer as little info as possible. In short, she blew me away. She honed right in on my key issues and I was pretty floored by the whole thing.

But, the one thing that has stuck in my mind since then, was the prediction that in about 5 months (that's now) something would happen to improve my $$ situation this year... a lot. Since then, I've been wondering how that might happen. Hoping, of course, that my business will really take off this year. But I had a feeling there would be some kind of windfall, though I couldn't guess where that might come from. I don't have any rich relatives. My father might come into some money from a settlement soon... but I have no reason to think he will share it.

In my pondering this over the months, I decided to pick a number to focus on. I have regularly visualized $8000 written in my checkbook ledger. I don't know why I picked that number, but it seemed not out of the realm of possibility.

Still, as the months have gone on... having been my work off-season, my finances continued to dwindle to nearly nothing. I still believed in this 'windfall' but it seemed even less touchable somehow, with not even a whiff of where this might come from...

Until yesterday.

I received a phone call from my mother. Even though all of her children are now adults, she feels the need to keep gifts even between the 3. She's always done this. If she kicks down something to one of us, such as tickets to Vegas for my little brother... the other two of us get Christmas gifts worth the same amount. Stuff like that.

Well, this particular occasion, she explained how she had decided to forgive my youngest brother's debt to her, as he has just bought a house. Then she decided to gift her car to my other brother when he goes to live with her. Apparently, the value of each of these gifts equals $7500... which I will receive in cash. Whaaa?? yes! Of course, I protested that it was too much and unnecessary. But she said the other gifts didn't cost her anything really, and thought we could use the cash for our upcoming wedding etc. Ok then... if that's what you want. Shock and awe.

Add to this the fact that I have almost exactly $500 in my bank account right now... and you see. The prophecy has been fulfilled.

And I can't even express the gratitude and blessings I feel right now.

There's a sign on the side of a barn near Laytonville, CA that always makes me smile... in giant black letters it says, "Don't forget the magic!"  Indeed.

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