Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midwest Healing Attack

So, I'd like to follow up on that post about dealing with old hurts from living in the midwest for a time. Things have progressed quite nicely. And, dare I say, cosmically.

Of course, I wrote that post in the midst of my angst (pretty obvious I suppose), since then I have mellowed out all the way about my brother's move. Once I figured out why I was so upset, I was able to chill. So I no longer cry or get sad at all about their move... in fact, many other things have happened since to force me to be nicer to that state and my memories of it.

First, as I may have mentioned before, at the same time my brother is driving a uhaul across 3 states to his new home, I too will be setting out for my own cross country adventure. Ending in the same state, where I will be vending at a craft fair there for the first time. I recently was able to add another venue to my visit, so now my few local friends and my brother's many, not to mention my Mom's friends and our relatives, are all promoting and talking about my visit and my craft business debut.

A few other random connections have happened as well... even my mother was impressed by the timing of these.

First, a writer from CNN was doing a story on Facebook and class reunions... does it help or hurt attendance. Funny, but when the article ran, my interview made up the first half of it. All about how I hated it there, ran back to CA at 18, and now live a happy arty life here. And most importantly, how Facebook forced me to remember the friends and good times I did have, many of which had been blocked out of my mind in favor of a general bad memory of the entire experience.

Then, one morning, I woke up to find a message from a pottery lady who works in the same state, saying she loves my handmade goods and I should stop by her studio on my way through this summer. How nice! I was flattered that she new about me and my trip at all... I started looking up her studio location, and on the front page of her website was my name! I had won her monthly drawing for a free piece of pottery. She hadn't mentioned that at all... hahaha. Later, someone from her studio contacted me for my mailing address. So, I'm not sure which came first, the winning or the noticing. Odd timing nonetheless.

Also, as I mentioned, during the time all this was happening... I connected with the group that does a weekly summer market in the same town. My mom suggested I check into it, and the info said the vendors are to be local. I happened to email them with my situation the day of their board meeting, so they would discuss it that night. Meanwhile, on facebook, I sent out messages to anyone I thought could put a good word in for me... and so did my brother. Not sure if they helped, but I was invited to participate in the end.

Now, these things are not earth shattering in themselves, but they all happened within a week of eachother. So you see how it might have felt a bit um... boogly. It's like the whole of the state is getting together to force me to heal.

It's working.