Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back Again

Back in The Cave and right on time. Ha. Oh dear Awakening blog, I have been thinking about you...

You know, I have a whole different outlook this winter. I know I'm cave-dwelling, but I'm not depressed at all. On the contrary, I'm happy and content as I could be. That means I've been ignoring the list of sanity completely. Which is dumb, but I guess it just doesn't seem pressing, since I feel fine. Yes, dumb. Because who knows how I'll feel after a few more weeks of this.

It's startling how quickly the cave opened up really. My work dried up, as it does this time of year... and the weather changed almost instantly. Boom! Cave.

So my big problem now is motivation. I have plenty of work projects to keep my busy through my down time... not paying gigs necessarily, but still important work that I have plenty of time to do. But I have zero enthusiasm for these projects, which is tripping me out a bit. I've been exercising and pumping myself full of caffeine, but no bueno. It's like pulling teeth to get myself to do ANY responsible act right now. I even rush at the last minute to get the house cleaned up before my hubby gets home. So lame.

So I guess now the big thing is to somehow motivate myself before I get depressed at my lack of ambition... and thus at the end of the winter, my lack of action for months. Just like every year at this time.

Man, it's hard to be me.

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